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Hyderabad has materialized itself as one of India’s proliferate and most robust metro cities. It’s not just commercial success but residential properties too. It has expanded to cover the entire Telangana region. Poised to become a global hub for IT, IT companies, and manufacturing firms, its real estate market shows no sign of slowing. Let’s look at the reasons behind real estate growth in Hyderabad.

Everyone wants to live in clean and safest city. Hyderabad depicts exceptionally well on these characters.

  1. Safest and best quality of Life

• A recent report released by UK-based Comparitech listed Hyderabad as one of the world’s top 50 most surveilled cities of the world. This report shows how the CCTV cameras in Telangana’s capital provide a better sense of security to the residents—deeming it very attractive for people to move in.

• Another feather in the cap of Hyderabad won the award for the Best Self Sustainable Mega City in the country by the Union Ministry of Urban Housing and Urban Affairs.

It makes Hyderabad an attractive city for businesses to set up their operations, therefore increasing the demand for office space and residential property


Hyderabad is a city with many happenings all the time and the best real estate developers in Hyderabad are building many new apartments and properties that are available at relatively low prices throughout the city.

• Gated community flats, plots, and apartments in the city are cheaper than in other Tier 1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai.

• villa & villa plots are available near and at lower prices than in other cities with similar carpet areas.

The combination of low prices and high demand results in solid growth potential for Hyderabad’s real estate market.

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3: Commercial Hub

Hyderabad is a major commercial hub in India. The city is home to many large businesses and industries. This has led to high demand for office spaces, so many new commercial buildings have been constructed in Hyderabad to meet this demand.

The growth of Hyderabad’s economy has also contributed to the city’s real estate boom. Many new businesses are moving to the city, attracted by its robust infrastructure and skilled workforce; observed by the Knight Frank India research, Hyderabad in the first quarter of 2022 has made a promising start with an increase of 72 percent in office space transactions year on year.


The presence of large IT companies in Hyderabad has brought in many people from all over the country looking for homes in Hyderabad. The demand for homes has increased.

The IT sector is not the only industry that is booming in Hyderabad. Many other industries are doing well, such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The city is becoming increasingly popular as a place to live and work, thanks to the presence and expansion of global giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Deloitte, Capgemini, and many other blue-chip companies.

Affordability of land and co-working spaces paired with the availability of a skilled workforce is driving home the growth of economic development of the city.

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