Quality Policy


We believe in Quality; we go within your Budget & We respect Time.
Focusing on Customer Relationships and Maintaining a Profit We strive for the well being of our customers, employees and the environment.
We are committed to:
Structure our organization’s methods and procedures to meet customer’s requirements. To improve customer focus and customer satisfaction both internal and external. Having a consistent provision of the highest standards of workmanship and care.


Safety Policy

The health and safety of each employee is of primary importance to us. As a company, we are committed to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Management will provide necessary safeguards, programs, and equipment required to reduce the potential for incidents and injuries.

It is the intent of Sai Priya, to comply with all laws relating to occupational health and safety. To accomplish this, we require the active participation and assistance of all employees. Our objective is a health and safety program that will reduce the total number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum. Our ultimate goal is zero incidents.

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