NRI Support

The RBI has given permission to NRIs for purchasing any residential or commercial property in India. They do not need to take any special permission from RBI. NRIs can purchase any number of commercial or residential properties in India. The income tax laws also favour NRIs. In case the NRI is not able to come to India, NRI has the power to give anyone power of attorney who will execute the purchase of property.

We understand that dealing with the loan process despite being outside the country can be a little hectic. Being associated with various Indian Banks and Financial Institutions, our team will handle all processes till the loan amount is disbursed to the customer.

Our special team dedicated to handle all the required documentation during various phases of the property purchase. Provided all the requested information and documents, our team can handle the registration process without the physical presence of the NRI customer. At Sai Priya, we value the customer in our company growth. Hence, we provide you with direct access to our customer executive. Moreover, customers will always have the privilege to talk or text to the Sai Priya Management team when needed.

To all our NRI customers, we keep giving updates with real-time images of the property during all phases of development and construction. Customers can also transfer or deposit the amount directly to the Sai Priya Company or Venture bank account.

At Sai Priya, we understand that going through the legalities of buying a new property can be an intimidating task. Hence to make the process simpler, we have put together a few basic legal considerations you might want to make yourself aware of before purchasing a property in India.

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