Our Torchbearers

Sri N Venkateshwara Prasad


Started in 1995 by Sri N Venkateswara Prasad, a proficient person with a record of exemplary work and commitment to quality projects. Sai Priya Constructions symbolizes an oasis of serene living. It has evolved to become the best Real Estate brand in Hyderabad. We are persistent in our client satisfaction and Timely Delivery. His values drive the company to strive for BEST in all that they do. The outcome of his enlightenment and encouragement has led us to be the Best Real Estate brand in Hyderabad. Sai Priya Constructions has successfully executed some colossal projects in land development and construction in 4000 acres as well as several quality projects including some of the best open plots for sale in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Tanuku, Bhimavaram, Siddipet, Gudiwada, etc.

N Venkateswara Prasad is supportive, vibrant and benevolent with a great eye for detailing. He always puts his thoughts across for the company to understand his motives and values. His gives his views regarding marketing strategies, networking and event planning, and makes our time productive and progressive.

G Sai Krishna


G Sai Krishna is accomplished and qualified expert having huge experience in the field of Real Estate. He is always striving to build the projects at utmost satisfaction of the customers. He always looks forward that their projects should be environment friendly and eco-friendly.
He is committed to provide quality service to the clients by helping them find a new eco-friendly home in the province of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
He is a visionary who can interpret the most innovative thinking into concrete actions.
G Sai Krishna is the bridge between digital innovation and construction operations.
He is known for his passion, determination and challenging towards his goals. Navigation and active, G Sai Krishna is always focused on solutions rather than problems. His natural talent and his experience make him the perfect executive director.
He has led large scale schemes as well as bespoke residential projects. He has immense ability to understand client dreams and bringing them into reality is what he is known for.


Leadership is the art of driving people to move towards achieving a common goal. In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company’s goals.

Each of our leaders influence people every day. Their actions impact people with favourable impressions. Their mission is to inspire and encourage team how to make a difference with everyone they encounter. Using effective leadership behaviour multiplies leadership within the employees. Leaders have an instinct to build people up so they may achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The construction industry has many roads to walk. You can go down to achieve personal and financial success. Our Leaders show us the path to work with the construction partners like contractors and construction suppliers.

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